Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ashley's teacher Website Search

 I'm Ashley and I attend Grand Canyon University. I'm currently getting a masters in early childhood education. In my journey of pursuing my education in teaching, I have research some teachers' websites.
The first website I visited was This website is more of a resource site for  teachers. Teachers can buy books to read to their students and their is a section titled classroom environment. This section there are picture of the classroom. The arrangement of the classroom is nicely put together everything is at eye level for the students and the centers are visible so the teacher can watch the students from any where in the room. The content and materials are age appropriate for Pre-k students. For example, in each center there are books and toys for the need of the students.  The structure and methodology of the class is child center. Her organizational ideas was setup in a way that minimized disruptive  behavior. For example all of the children had their own space to take care of belongings. This classroom is an example of supportive learning environments for young learners because environment stimulate the children emotionally and socially. For example the dramatic play center help children talk to each other in positive way.

The second website I visited was This classroom organizational ideas were different this teacher made cubbies by going into 'office supply' section of Walmart and used the ID badge holders to make name tags. The transition from place to place is smooth because she pick songs to sing using her song pail. She keeps the 3 and 4 year old things  together by labeling everything.The  arrangement of the class is accessible to the students. For example the children can reach all centers by them selves. The content and materials are accessible to the children and are colorful and fun. The structure and methodology of the class is centered around the children in the class. The children take learning in to their own hands by being allowed to explorer and discover in the class.

The third website I visited was This first grade classroom was organized in a way that promoted learning for the first grade students. In the classroom arrangement the desk were set up so children can work in small group or large group.  The content and materials were pick out with care by the teacher.

The fourth website I visited was This second grade classroom is a supportive learning environment for young learners because environment stimulate the children emotionally and socially.